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We fix computers, networks, and servers.

We will install audio /video solutions for your business.

We will provide outstanding technological services.

We will help you develop a technology plan.

We understand that keeping your patients comfortable in the health care industry is one of the most important things you can do to keep clients coming back for routine check ups. We have provided technological services to hundreds of health care professionals. From keeping them entertained in the waiting room to providing pertinent information on the same screen thats keeping them entertained.

Todays technology is making it easier for Doctors to deal with patients, specially with kids. From having a TV in the playing area for the little ones to displaying information to the patient right in the exam room. We understand that the first visit is one of the most important for both the patient and the Doctor. This why our experience with providing services in the health care industry is one that benefits our clients day in, day out.

Digital signage is becoming a must have for the health care industry. It helps Doctors provide information about time frames, procedures and costs which makes it easier to offer extra services to the patient. Our goal is to provide the health care industry with right tools to suceed and to help keep patients comfortable because happy patients translates into a sucesful medical business.
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West Coast Sound has worked side by side with hundreds of medical businesses to implement a technology strategy that work for the business and that helps provide a more comfortable environment for the patients. We are committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service. We are an indispensible asset to any medical business.

Our Services Include but are not Limited to:

Audio / Video Systems design and Integration
Access Control Systems
Digital Signage
Multi Zoned Audio and Video
Telephone Systems
Background Music
Surveillance Systems
Computer Repair
I nformation Technology Analysis, Strategy, and Design
Server management
Network design, continuous maintenance, and support
Ongoing consultation
On-site maintenance and support
Remote monitoring and support
Database management and integrity
Website Design and maintenance
Small Business packages
Remote Access of your office computers

From installing a simple TV in the Lobby to a complete Audio and video installation in every exam room, we can get the job done.

Discover the power of keeping your patients comfortable can bring.
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